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Cory Semel


What we do and the benefits of working with us

Semel Risk Consultants is a full-service solution for your finance-related needs. We provide a suite of services that help you manage your money optimally, protect your assets in the short and long-term, and plan judiciously for the future. One key trait that separates us from similar agencies is the personalized nature of our service delivery – we understand that no two people have similar financial profiles and client needs vary greatly. 

To optimize for this, every client gets advice that’s relevant to their needs, is in deference to their current financial state, and pertinent to where they hope to be in the future. Another distinguishing feature of Semel Risk Consultants is the wealth of experience we have to offer. Our executive team comprises experts who specialize in different financial sectors, from investments to tax advisory, retirement planning, personal and commercial insurance, employee benefits, and estate planning. Subsequently, we are able to provide support for every stage of your financial journey.

Cory Semel
Reliable Support

Reliable Support

We’re always available to discuss with our clients by phone or email
Honesty & Integrity

Honesty & Integrity

We believe trust is key, and you can count on us to always be honest with you
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True Fiduciary

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’ll always put your needs first
Industry Leader

Industry Leader

We stay updated on new laws to help you save money and remain compliant

A comprehensive financial service provider

We provide expertise for every step of your financial life cycle; from investments to taxes, insurance, and retirement planning. Let’s work together to secure your future

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Meet the Team

Our executive members have 25+ years of experience that cuts across the major sectors of finance, and are always on hand to provide the support you need

Picture of Cory Semel, CLCS

Cory Semel, CLCS

Managing Member/Producer

775-440-6444 ext 101

Picture of Floyd Fitzgibbons, CIC

Floyd Fitzgibbons, CIC

Commercial Lines Producer

702-655-5160 ext 4

Picture of Cyndi Woodall

Cyndi Woodall

CSR/Personal Lines Manager

Picture of Sonia Nazario

Sonia Nazario

CSR/commercial Lines Producer


Picture of Robin Archuleta

Robin Archuleta

Independent Insurance Agent

Picture of Sonia Nazario

Sonia Nazario

CSR/commercial Lines Producer

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